〖General Affairs Office Notice 通知〗2月8-14日為春節連續假期,各單位確實做好各項防範工作。

General Affairs Office Notice
【Date】 2024/02/08~14
1.The school will be on continuous break from February 8th to February 14th for the Chinese New Year holiday. All departments are urged to implement the following preventive measures:
(1)Strengthen security measures for office property, laboratories, and rooms containing valuable instruments and equipment to prevent theft or damage.
(2) Ensure proper closure of doors and windows and implement theft prevention measures such as access control for entrances and exits.
(3) Inspect water and electricity facilities, unplug unused electrical plugs to prevent energy consumption and unexpected incidents.
2.Due to vehicle restrictions during the Chinese New Year holiday from February 8th to 14th, the traffic service system at the main gate will use license plate recognition for entry.
3.All school faculty and staff are reminded to be mindful of pedestrian and vehicular safety when entering and exiting the school gate.
Wishing you a joyful Chinese New Year.
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General Affairs Office

總務處事務組駐警隊  通 知

一、 本校將於2月8日至2月14日連續休假(春節假期),請各單位確實做好下列各項防範工作:

二、 因應2月8日至14日春節連假期間車輛管制,大門口交通服務系統均採車牌辨識入校。

三、 請本校教職員工出入校門注意人車安全。
總務處事務組駐警隊 敬啟